What about the roadmap?

Right here on GitHub.

What about all my seasons combined?

This is now available. "Merged" Season view includes current + old seasons combined.

Why are some players missing in HCS?

They failed to put their correct gamertag in FaceIt.

How do I get a "Donator" badge?

The coffee icon in top right - any amount if you leave your gamertag will obtain it.

What is "scrims" feature?

It allows logged-in users to specify custom games to combine for stats.

What powers my service record?

The current iteration have a toggle between PVP (All) or Ranked as well as Season.

My stats won't work!

You are probably not sharing matchmaking stats. Check the Accessibility tab.

MMR/CSR is missing / "wrong" from this game.

This sucks I know, but it seems its all on 343's APIs for this. Nothing I can fix.

When do HCS games show up?

The instant FaceIt sends an API request to us.

The games associated with a matchup are wrong!

Our system attempts to find the matches in a match-up. Sometimes its wrong.

What does Google login do?

Allows you to remember who you are as well as making scrims.