What about the roadmap?

Right here on GitHub.

What about all my seasons combined?

This is now available. "Merged" Season view includes current + old seasons combined.

Why are some players missing in HCS?

They failed to put their correct gamertag in FaceIt.

What about old HCS tournaments?

In time we will retroactively pull that data in.

What is "scrims" feature?

It allows logged-in users to specify custom games to combine for stats.

What powers my service record?

The current iteration have a toggle between PVP (All) or Ranked as well as Season.

My stats won't work!

You are probably not sharing matchmaking stats. Check the Accessibility tab.

MMR/CSR is missing / "wrong" from this game.

This sucks I know, but it seems its all on 343's APIs for this. Nothing I can fix.

When do HCS games show up?

The instant FaceIt sends an API request to us.

The games associated with a matchup are wrong!

Our system attempts to find the matches in a match-up. Sometimes its wrong.

What does Google login do?

Allows you to remember who you are as well as making scrims.